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Industrial Sheet Metal

With complete capabilities, we offer a reliable single source solution for design, heavy gauge fabrication or installation of industrial sheet metal. Our people have the talent and skill to design and install a complete range of systems for mist, dust and material handling. Plus, we handle specialty fabrications that call for unique ideas and expertise. In fact, if your project is made of metal, we’ll come up with the best in class, safest, most cost-effective way to create it.

We provide superior quality, timely and high performance industrial sheet metal solutions through:

  • Expertise and workplace knowledge gathered through more than 70 years of experience in all areas of mechanical contracting.
  • Our experienced and certified engineers, welders and fabrication people who expertly handle everything from design through fabrication and installation.
  • Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of a building’s components to effectively fabricate and integrate custom metal components with system processes.
  • Extensive experience with projects ranging from heavy gauge ductwork to complex customized installations.
  • An intense focus on detail that results in precise fit and performance to customer specifications.
  • A fully equipped facility that enables us to monitor quality and meet deadlines.
  • Field-experienced people who handle all calls and instantly dispatch emergency repair crews on a 24/7 basis.